Italy – A Dream Come True

Many years ago I had an elaborate plan for a trip to Europe

I was going to England for fish and chips and a trip to Harrodsburg. Then on to France to collect French perfume and pastries. Next stop would be Switzerland to pick up Swiss chocolates and a Swiss watch. My last stop would be Venice, Italy to ride a gondola and find a cobbler to create an exquisite pair of shoes fashioned for my feet alone. That dream vacation got shelved and was never realized.

A month ago I fulfilled part of my dream trip from years ago. I finally went to Europe but only to Italy. I started out in a little town in the mountains of Umbria called Norcia. Norcia was my home for a week while I attended a cooking vacation through Culture Discovery. It was a full week of cooking and sight-seeing throughout the mountains.

Norcia, Italy

Norcia, Italy

The next leg of my trip was A stop in Rome for two days That was a respite after a busy week in Norcia. While Rome wasn’t my favorite place, I can now say I’ve been there.

The last days of my vacation were spent at the place I longed to go: Venice, Italy. I’d never seen a place that was surrounded with more water than land. It was amazing to take water taxi’s to get from one place to another. I was blessed to be able to take the ride I’ve longed for: gondola ride. It was everything I dreamed of. Thinking about it still puts a smile on my face.

I didn’t find a cobbler but I’ll leave that on my list for another trip.

One thought on “Italy – A Dream Come True

  1. Thanks for sharing !!! I am so glad that you had an awesome trip !!! My dream come true may come to fruition this May. I am considering moving back up into the mountains of New Mexico — up towards Espanola — so I can be nearer to Becca and Mike. Expect to transfer to the Lowe’s Store up there. The kids are working on a ranch just over the border into Colorado at a little place called Chromo —- about 45 miles S. of Pagosa Springs. Besides missing the “4” Seasons —- I really can not take the “heat” of the TX summers.

    If you hear of anyone that would like to buy a 2 bedroom — 2 bath mobile home in a “Park” that the land is sold with the trailer— ie. —– NO lot fee —- let me know please. Am going to be house/pet sitting down in Flower Mound for 5 months starting on Thanksgiving………….SO my trailer will be sitting empty and ready for a buyer.

    AGAIN —- Great to hear that you had an AWESOME time on your trip. Hope to see you at church on Sunday —- I have it off and hope to be able to come to enter into the Worship & Praise ………. Blessings !! Bonnie

    Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2014 03:12:39 +0000 To:

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