Kislev – First Fruit Celebration

This week the congregation at GZI celebrated First Fruits and the Hebrew month of Kislev. This new month of Kislev is the month that we enter the beginning of Hanukkah, an eight-day celebration that commemorates the rededication of the Temple. During the Feast we celebrate that the oil and light never go out! This is also a month of dreams, as well as the month linked with the tribe of Benjamin.

We give thanks for the bountiful blessings we receive every day of the month from the Lord.DSC01185

We celebrate with praises through dance


The youth express their celebration



In this month of celebration don’t forget it is also a season of thanks. Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good.

Changing Seasons

Until a few years ago I lived where the seasons were defined by changes in the weather, flowers blooming or leaves changing color and falling off trees.

Where I live now there is virtually none of the changes. While a major part of the country was being hit left and right with inclement weather, sunshine and record warm temperatures were our portions. Then cold, blustery weather appeared this week much to our chagrin.

Tuesday morning coats, gloves, hat and scarves were snatched from their slumber and assigned to duty. This abrupt change takes some getting used to. Closed shoes or boots have been put in the line up again. No more slipping into cute sandals and showing off the great toe polish. Sleeveless tops give way to bulky sweaters or classy cashmere sweater. Shorts take a back seat to slacks and jeans.

Even though it takes a few moments to adjust to the sudden weather change, I welcome it. Warm weather will show up in spurts, and the short pants and sandals will once again arise.

How’s the weather where you live?