What We See and Know When We Pray

The pandemic situation we are surrounded by has taken my prayer life to a higher dimension than ever before.

On the way to work I was praying for churches and church leaders when all of a sudden I saw mega churches and their leaders (no one in particular) and then heard the following scripture: Luke 12:16-21. The most earthshaking to me was verse 21. “This is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich toward God”. (NIV) Are the mega churches built for God or the man building them? I’m not saying mega churches are wrong but what is the motive behind them.

Maybe during this time of shutting in we all can reassess our relationship with the Lord and have a willingness to repent and change what he reveals to us so we can be who he created us to be – a fierce army – when this is over.

Our work is not done but in a sense it’s just beginning. There’s a lot of afraid people in the world – saved and unsaved alike that need a reassuring word from God. That’s what God’s army is here to do – to share the truth.


Ever Present Help

Yesterday my day was very trying for me from morning until evening. I started the morning eating a piece of cake-nothing I should have been eating for breakfast. The cake didn’t make my stomach happy. Along with the cake I ate a piece of candy. Mistake number two. There was no nutrition for my body in anything I ate.

Chaos overtook my desk. It was as if someone would shuffle the papers and put them in disarray throughout the day. I spent more time trying to reorganize than I did accomplishing my goals.

Another concern of mine was my piano lessons I hadn’t prepared for. Was my instructor going to be able to tell I didn’t practice? Just maybe he’d give me a pass.

At the end of my work day I stayed and talked to my friend. When I looked at my watch I realized I wouldn’t be able to go home before lessons. It was a good thing I brought my books with me. By the time I got to my car and on the freeway I had less than twenty minutes to go quite a ways before 4:00.

I made it to piano lessons with a couple minutes to spare. I had true confession with my instructor and admitted I hadn’t practiced and he said it was alright. An amazing thing happened. I played like I knew what I was doing. I was pretty satisfied and so was he. We even played a duet.

On the way home a friend called to check if I had gotten home safely because the weather was somewhat messy. We talked about other things that were concerns on my mind. He offered comfort and encouragement-just what I needed. It took me to a restful, peaceful place that cleared my mind and I could have a good sleep when I went to bed.

The chaos was gone.

Sometimes our days will go down a path we didn’t plan for it to. It’s usually a path that we have to walk through because it is the only way to come out. But in those moments instead of freaking out wringing our hands helplessly take a deep breath and search for the good that is embedded in the bad. As we recognize the good we will receive a fresh wind to continue down the path to the end. Never fear. Our ever present help is here.

2020 A New Era

Today is the second month of the new era 2020. How did you start out in the new? Did you make New Years resolutions as you may have done in years past. If so how’s that working out for you in this new era. Have you implemented the changes you’ve written in your new journal for 2020?

There’s a lot of noise buzzing around in the air. Distraction is everywhere taking you off track and preventing the new you from being presented. I have to be careful or else I’m derailed and distracted and I don’t even realize it.

I decided I would live my life differently this decade. I think I got a little rambunctious and overloaded my life and schedule. When I got a revelation I stopped and took another look at what I was doing. Wisdom told me that I needed to step back from such a full schedule and add some down time.

The first few days were hard to get use to but I finally fell in step and everything is working out fine.

I’m keeping track of my activities on my phone and in my calendar book so I won’t miss anything. That is working out great because the beginning of every week and throughout the week I check to see if my schedule is ok or if I need to make changes.

I’m excited about how this new era has started out and have great expectations for the outcome of the rest of the year.

I hope yours is as exciting for you as mine is for me.

My Cool Sunshiny Day

Today is a perfect day to enjoy by back yard This is the first chance I’ve had in a couple weeks because of my busy schedule and extremely hot weather. I gathered my bible, journal, worship music along with a cup of coffee and made my way out back. I call my outdoor comfy place my veranda instead of a patio in the voice of an aristocrat.

Before I relaxed I started doing a little yard/plant work. Something an aristocrat would never do. They’d have hired help. I cleaned and refilled my hummingbird feeders. The next project was ridding the flowerpots of the dead parts of the summer plants that have succumbed to the stressfully smoking hot weather. I’m getting ready for fall flowers that I will plant in a few weeks.

After I had enough of that I took my seat and the show I wasn’t expecting began. When I looked up there were my sweet hummingbirds. I call them mine because they show up multiple times every day. Today they hung around all while I was sitting out. One of them was almost close enough to touch. The two of them chased each other flying back and forth.

Wasps, bees and other flying creatures took their part in the production. Then along came a bright green lizard looking creature. I watched it climb up a tree limb until it disappeared. After a while I saw something and realized it was the lizard. It was on an exploratory mission and decided to climb the bird feeder pole. The hummingbird stopped by to get a sip and when it saw the lizard it had a fit. I guess they are not only territorial against other hummingbirds but anything in their way. They are awful fierce to be so small.

The lizard decided to explore further than the pole but the empty bird feeders that hang empty because of squirrels eating the bird seed. That little creature found its way inside one feeder after another. His journey is taking him to parts unknown-at least to me.

I’ve been sitting out enjoying the cool weather but now the temperature is rising. The show has ended and I’m going to make my way into a cool and comfortable place inside. If tomorrow is like today I will be here enjoying the perfect morning weather on my veranda.

Morning Meeting

This morning I gathered my Bible and belongings and made my way to my veranda (translation patio) where I was going to start my day in a peaceful way.

The sun met and hugged me like a long lost friend reuniting after a time apart. The present I received from Sun was a big dose of vitamin D to give me a boost that I needed.

The nice breeze was blowing as the flowers were flowing to the tune of an unheard melody. I can see the dance but can’t hear the song.

It must be for them – not me.

Looking Back Into My Future

Today is my birthday and the first thought that crossed my mind was to give my Good Good Father my appreciation for the life He has given me.

Looking Back Into My Future

Good morning Father

This is the day that you have made

I will rejoice and be glad in it

This is the day July 19 you planned

For my entrance into the earth

At 2:18 am you hit the start button

For me to begin on the journey

Of my purpose and destiny

Sometimes it hasn’t been easy

But you’ve been here for me

To get me back to your path for me

You knew there would be stubborn times

That I would be disobedient

And do my own thing

You’d let me with a watchful eye

You were there to pick me up

Dust me off and love on me

When my stubborn actions

Got me in trouble

To let me know you’ve still got me covered

You’ve been and still are a Good, Good Father

You are true to your word

You never leave me nor forsake me

You take such good care of me

You said I am bound to be blessed

You heap blessings upon me daily

You shower me with gifts and surprises

That turns me into Daddy’s giggly, giddy little girl

I thank and praise you for letting me

End one year and start another with great

Expectations of what you want me to do for you

I do and always will love you

Need you and trust you with

Every beat of my heart

I honor and love you for being my Good Father

I Want To Be More Than Just Me

I Want To Be More Than Just Me

I want to be a writer. I believe I would be a good one. Distractions come my way.  Ideas that are deposited in me are snuffed out. My memory fails  so I don’t remember the snippets that would make for a great story. My recorder is forgotten and the creative flow is dammed up. No matter what tries to stop me I will put words on paper until I accomplish what I set out to do.

I want to be an artist. My paintings are beautiful. Many have said so. Full of color and life that draws you in to become a part of the community. Then appears an old nemesis fear slithering in with the same old plan to steal, kill and destroy. For some strange reason I succumb to those old outdated tricks. All my creativity comes to a halt. I’m shut down and can’t deliver. I’m telling that voice to shut up and I’m arming myself with my paint brush, paint and canvas and going to war.

I want to be a musician. Music was built in me before I was born. It’s always playing in my ear. Sometimes songs I’ve heard. Other times songs that are being birthed. There are also personal songs that are between me and my Lord. When music starts dancing fills in my feet. Melodies circle me. How do I capture them and express them? I lift my voice and sing. I’ll dance with the broom while sweeping my floors. I’ll be the best pianist that ever tickled the ivory keys.

My goal is to conquer the fleeting moments of creativity and let the masterpieces flow from my being. I will express the ideas that come forth from the Throne room at the time they are to be released. I believe I can and I will.

I want to be more than just me. This is me!

Is there anything that is preventing the creativity in you from coming forth?