My Perceptions

A definition of perception is the ability to see, hear,
or become aware of something through the senses.

Pain can be physical or emotional. Physical pain can be in a particular part of your body or all over. Emotional pain can make you think your heart is broken and you can’t go on. It some times hurt worse than physical pain.
Any pain you have can be eradicated by The Healer.

Bowling is a spiritual game. The pins are like problems that won’t go away. They keep standing when they should have fallen. In order to bring them down don’t rush them, but with a pause, listen for a strategy and move forward. You win.

In writing you get freedom. You can use your wildest imagination that can be entertaining to the reader. You can tell your story that can set a person free. If you have a mandate to write stop putting it off and get to it. Satisfaction of completion can be a wonderful thing.

Listening is a hard thing to do. You can start listening to someone but can go off the beaten path into your own world by just one word that was spoken. Everyone who wants you to listen don’t always want a response. They only want a listener. Do them and yourself a favor-listen.

Birds are interesting to watch. Their ways resemble people. One minute they are working together and the next they are fighting. Fluttering and flapping their wing and squawking remind me of many people I’ve come in contact with over the years. They fly away never to be seen again. With people that may not happen.

Reflections from the April 2014 A to Z Challenge

This is my third year participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge but my first year reflecting on the challenge.

I’ve loved every minute of all three challenges. I went to a place I only dreamed about in the past my first year. Thus my dream came true-a writer. The first year I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. My first try at signing up was not successful but someone assisted me and I was good to go.

I’ve completed each year’s challenge. This year was a challenge to say the least. I was ill the whole month of April but I pressed through. Most days I wasn’t sure what I’d written but my mission was accomplished. Several times I was too ill to write but when I felt better I caught them up.

I think you all do a wonderful job managing the challenge. I don’t know the rules to writing so I can’t give any advice or make recommendations. I do appreciate how you can code your blog so people are aware what you are writing and they can decide whether or not your topic is what they want to read.

I enjoyed reading the blogs of the Host and Assistants. They were encouraging, helpful and entertaining. The blogs of the participants were great also. I got to observe the more experienced writers and learn from them how to become a better writer.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication and striving to make each year better than the year before. Keep pressing forward.

I will be back for next year’s challenge.

In my last blog I wrote about a story I’m writing.

My friend, an accomplished author who knows the ins and outs of writing asked me to send the first five pages to her. Today I received her critique. She gave me a lot of great advise on how I can make a better story.

I’m excited because she didn’t say my story was a hopeless mess that needs to be trashed. She gave me hope.

Tomorrow I will devote my evening to making the corrections and continue enlarging the story. Even if this story goes nowhere I’m happy I’m doing something I was afraid to do. That fear is gone and I’m going full steam ahead until it is complete. Then I will start on the next one.

Is there a best seller coming. Stay tuned.


Having a little trouble finding an X word to write about. I’m having to manipulate a word a bit. The word I’m going to write about is x-cite.

Some things that x-cite me are:

Music-I love music, especially smooth jazz. Some people say it’s not real jazz but it’s real enough for me. It’s smooth jazz for a smooth operator.

Writing-has been a deliverance tool for me. The more I write the freer I become. I may not be good at writing, it is helps me face hard things I would normally not address.

It would really x-cite me to hug, kiss and hold my grand babies. I would be x-cited to see the twinkle in their eyes and the cute way their mouths curve into a smile knowing that their grandma was lovingly hugging them.

I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea.

What x-cites you?

Off to a Slow Start But Moving Right Along

I signed up for the 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge with Jeff Goins while out-of-town on vacation.

Day 1 of the Challenge was to declare I am a writer. I made the declaration that I am a writer and I believe that I am.

In preparation for the Challenge I tried to create a link to my blog but was unsuccessful. No one can go to my blog and see what I’ve created. I don’t know how to fix it. Oh well—I am better at writing.

I’m now home and this morning I got up early to put something on paper to fulfill Day 2 and 3 of the challenge.

I didn’t realize until now that since I made that declaration I’ve used being tired as an excuse to not write. I’ve done a lot of thinking about it, reading about it but not writing. This morning the truth has been revealed to me. I’m a slacker making excuses because fear is still trying to keep a grip on me, get me out of time and miss my destiny.

I should be writing up a storm because of a compliment I received from a friend. Several years ago I told a friend I would type his papers for a class he was taking. When he brought me his first papers I couldn’t make out what he was saying. I called him and asked what he was trying to say and he told me. At that moment I became his Ghost Writer. I wrote for him for two years along with editing for another friend for the same class.

I knew I was in my right place during that time. It felt good and right. I also got Bible study and prayer time out of it. I had to read and pray about his assignment in order to clearly state what he was saying. His classmates gave him compliments on how well his assignments were written. He gave me credit for them. I learned about this on Sunday.

He told me he is writing a book and wants me to edit it. It will be interesting to see if I’ll be editing or ghost writing—Editing Ghost Writer.

Now I’m on to completing Challenge 4.