I Wish

There are times in our lives that we have no clue where we are or where we are going. Some times we are transitioning out of an old season into a new season of our lives. We don’t know what that is going to look like or feel like. We just don’t know what to expect. Yet somehow we get on the right path, anxiety wanes and our confidence returns.

Today I happen to know my destination for this weekend. I don’t know how to get there but I’m riding with friends that do. I know my purpose for going but don’t know the end results. I do know what I’d like them to be. So although I don’t have all the answers to my inner questions for this weekend I’ve decided I’m just going to have fun and enjoy hanging out with my friends. So bowling tournament here I come.


I wish I knew where I was going

I can’t remember where I’ve been 

I know it’s been a long long journey

But can’t tell the beginning from the end

Will I ever get to where I’m going

Will it be like what I see in my head

A timeless journey where love abounds

Love has no beginning or end

I wish I knew how things would go

To know the steps that I will take

To get to the end where I’m going

From the place I will begin



Jumping rope is an activity that I’m not good at.

When I was a kid I could barely get through regular rope jumping. The fancy double dutch, skipping, twisting and turning I left for the experienced jumpers. Shying away from jumping contests kept me from being the joke of the day—the year. Turning the rope for someone else was the best that I could do.

This time in my life jumping rope would be a fitness tool rather than a contest. I envision my heart rate escalating at the touch of the rope. I can see myself caught up and tangled up in the rope trying to find a way out.

I’m going to change the channel that I see myself communicating with the jump rope. The new picture is me successfully mastering it to help me on my fitness journey.

How are you at jumping rope?

B is for–Can You Guess

Rolling into a new season I have been practically hanging out in a place no man should go for the last three weeks. It has been a grueling and humiliating place to be-especially on the lanes I’m traveling.

I would hit the right spot and still miss the mark, not reaching my expected end.
I was becoming distraught. There was no fun to be had. An idea appeared–try something new—the way you move your feet, the way you move your hand.

I dismissed the idea and continued down the familiar path. Doing the same thing brought the same results-missing this mark, missing that mark, missing all the marks.
Someone witnessed my distress and gave me a piece of advice. Much to my surprise the advice was the same that  I previously rejected.


This time I followed the advice. It worked. I saw results—more strikes and spares that I was expecting before but didn’t get.

A great revelation came to me.