Papa’s Baby Girl

Papa positioned Baby Girl in her bed surrounded by her stuffed friends until he could get back to her.

The corners of her mouth curved upward breaking into a smile as she reached for Huggy Bear. Baby Girl lovingly gazed at Huggy with her bright eyes that sparkled like glittering diamonds. She lavished him with breathtaking hugs and slobbering, drooling kisses.

The loving attention that Huggy Bear received was over when Baby Girl pitched him out of the bed onto the floor. She grabbed the rail and pulled herself up to a standing position surveying the room for Papa. He was no where in sight. Her sparkling eyes dimmed and her cute smile turned to a frown. From her came a loud screeching blast, then a familiar drone followed with a stream of tears flowing down her cheeks wetting the front of her dress. None of this moved Papa as the preoccupation with his task continued. Dead silence filled the room–for how long no one knows.

Papa realizing the silence, thinking she had fallen asleep decided to take a few minutes to put her pajamas on before she go too comfortable. As he walked towards the bed, he stopped and shook his head in disbelief and amazement. Baby Girl wasn’t asleep after all. The flickering light of love brightened her chubby cheeks as she looked up and beheld her Papa.

There she sat with the front of her dress she ripped in her hand.