Too Big To Fail

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”

If I were guaranteed not to fail I would work really hard at learning how to play my guitar and become a country singer. I would take singing lessons so I could learn how to breathe when I sing.

Along with singing and playing guitar I would write, arrange and produce my songs.

I would also have to learn to be fearless. I don’t know how well I’d do standing in front of a crowd of people entertaining them.

My life would be different though. I’d appear at my gigs, perform and then go home. There is no need for me to get hung up in the street life part of being a performer.

The reason I haven’t tried it yet is because my plate is full. I am learning how to play the guitar and singing along with playing. I’m not that great but it’s fun and I have an excellent teacher that won’t let me quit.

I tried to write a country song, but it sounded better as a poem and I posted it on my blog. I’m going to make another attempt at writing soon. Maybe, just maybe I’ll happen upon a number one hit and become famous.

If Only I Could Sing

There’s a song in me

I wish I could be

The best darn singer

In all eternity.

I would sing

The high notes

And low notes too

To the beat of the drums

And the tune of the bass

Songs of joy

Some of blues

Ones I’d put away

Others I’d use

A melody that speaks for itself

A tune that makes you glow

A sultry sound that awakens the soul

A little country with a lot of giddy-up

I’d open my heart

Let the tunes flow free

That’s locked up inside of me

If only I could sing