A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Mess

I put my dinner in the oven to heat it instead of using the microwave. While it was heating I sat on the sofa to watch tv. The next thing I knew I was waking up. There was a funny smell coming from the kitchen. Then it dawned on me what I was smelling was my dinner. I looked at the clock and realized I had been asleep for three hours.

When I opened the oven door this is what I found. A hot mess.

Burnt beyond recognition were my few Sweet Potato Fries and Asparagus. Should have use the microwave.



Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Yams – A to Z Blogging Challenge

One of my very favorite vegetables to eat is yams. Writing about them makes me want to put aside this blog, head for the kitchen and cut some up as fries. I think I’ll hold off until another time and stick to blogging.

I prefer yams over white potatoes. My favorite way to eat them is as baked fries. I cut the yams up, toss them in healthy oil and bake them in the oven up to 25 minutes. They go really good with sautéed spinach or roasted asparagus. For me they are good with everything.

     I also love pie made from yams. My Mother made the best pie. I can’t make a pie as good as she did and I haven’t found anyone that could.

The way I least like yams fixed is candied. Sugaring them up overpowers the wonderful sweet taste that is already built-in them. If you want something that sweet, eat a piece of Pecan pie. Yams are healthier when they are minimally altered.

Do you like yams? What’s your favorite way to eat them?