The Time Is Now

Do you know what time it is? Some of us do and some don’t. It’s time for us to get serious about our purpose and destiny. We weren’t put on this earth to take up space and party all the days of our lives. It does seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be.

Deep down inside us lies our purpose and destiny. At the right time it will be revealed to us. If we pay attention we will know. Once we realize it we should then move forward to fulfilling what is put in us.We are in time and time waits for no one.

Since that is the case I believe I’ve wasted enough time and I’m going to get busy fulfilling what I know to do.

How about you?

Purpose—A New One Coming

For a long time I have been trying to figure out what my purpose is for this time in my life. I haven’t been able to come up with anything. One day I was thinking about my purpose and I realized years ago I knew what my purpose was then but it hasn’t fit in my life for many years.
My purpose then was to minister to my husband and children and the children in the neighborhood.
A part of my purpose was aborted because of divorce. I still fulfilled the part that included my children and other children. Today my children and grandchildren are grown and live in another part of the country.
Where does that leave me as far as a purpose? I don’t know. I haven’t gotten a revelation of another purpose so far and that concerns me.
I heard someone say that passion and purpose are partners. So what does that mean to me? I now wonder what my passion is. Could it be my painting, jewelry making, and cake decorating— what? At the time I was delving in those crafts I had a passion for them but that is long gone.
I’m still struggling with this issue today. Until I get a clear picture I’ll just keep moving forward in the things I do daily. Maybe one day my purpose will be apparent.

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Are you fulfilling your purpose?