My Vacation of the Year-Aruba

This year 2020 with all the things going on negatively personal and around the world I accepted the fact vacation was out of the question. I resolved to stay home because of Covid-19 and surgery.

Then I got an opportunity to take a trip to Aruba. I took it. With COVID-19 I had to jump through hoops and take to two tests but it was well worth it. Both tests were negative which was a good thing.

I will be staying at two places several days each before I return home. The first place is a hidden paradise. When I got up to the entrance I wondered if this was the place. Once the gate opens it’s something you always wished you could go to but never thought you would.

I believe I will just call it paradise because that is exactly what I imagined paradise would be. There were beautiful flowers, bushes and trees everywhere. I got lost today and found several banana trees full of bananas in an area I hadn’t yet explored.

I don’t ever recall a more peaceful place. When I get home I will start saving for my next trip to paradise.

Have you ever found a peaceful paradise. If not keep looking.

Shoe Paradise–OH Happy Day

I needed a trip to paradise-shoe paradise that is.

Today I was going to paradise. I had a coupon to paradise. I checked the date and it hadn’t expired.

Paradise hadn’t been open long when I arrived. Only a few people were in the store—mainly employees. That was good for me because I felt like I was having a private showing.

I had in my mind a shoe I wanted to purchase but upon trying them on they were not for me. That ended the plan to run in, buy that shoe and run out.

I reverted back to my old way of shopping. Isle by isle I check out and tried on many shoes. Some I liked but many were not what I was looking for. I tried on many I would never buy. Since I was in paradise I decided to pretend I was a glamorous fashionista looking for an elegant pair of shoes to go with my to die for gown to wear to the ball. Better than a Cinderella ball.

After trying on many shoes and liking few I settled on a pair that wasn’t exciting at all. They fit and were comfortable. I held on to them but kept on looking. I backtracked to where I first started my journey because I needed to make sure I didn’t miss any shoes I might be interested in.

When I was on the last row as I was making my way to pay for the shoes in hand I found a pair of sandals I missed. I tried them on and I was in love. They are strappy flats that felt like they’re made for my feet and are a color I don’t own. They will go with everything.

Paradise was good to me today.

Have you had a paradise adventure?