It’s Fall Y’all

Today Standing in front of the mirror I took a good look at the person looking at me. I began looking at myself with new eyes and discernment. Before I could hardly look at myself because for years I didn’t like who I saw.

Today was different and difficult at the same time. Difficult stepped up and made me look at what I resisted for a lifetime. When I finally got the nerve to look myself in the eye I saw an amazingly beautiful person that I immediately fell in love with. The overwhelming love brought me to tears. I confessed my love for the person I was looking at-me.

I received a piece of mail that said, “Prepare Your Home For Seasonal Changes.” I thought I would look at myself and what I could do to prepare myself for the winter season. I would amp up my supplements to help ward off any viruses that would try to overtake me. Next I would pull my winter wardrobe from the back of my closet to make repairs and replacements as needed.

Since it’s beginning to be soup season I will collect new recipes I’ve never had before and try them. Um, just the thought of a bowl of delicious soup with crusty bread, apple crisp and warm apple cider as a chaser sounds great.

A nice sidebar is an early evening walk as the crisp fall weather kisses my cheeks while I enjoy the changing foliage.

How do you feel about the person you see in the mirror every day?

From the Cradle to College

Eighteen years ago Brandon was five months old. Today he is a freshman in college. How time flies. Brandon was a beautiful, happy, dimpled cheek baby. He’s come a long way from the preemie who was born two months early to the wonderful young man he is today. Today he is a handsome, strong young man focused on completing his new journey with the help of the Lord to fulfill the purpose and destiny that was ordained for him from the foundation of the earth

When. I attended his graduation from high school I saw success all over him as he walked in. I didn’t see a teenager making his way to his seat unsure of himself. I saw a successful business man who knew where he was going. God gave me a glimpse into my grandson’s future.

My heart is overflowing with love and pride that he is on his way to the greatness God said he will have.

Have you had a glimpse into the lives of someone close to you?