Barbecue Queen

Today my barbecue grill was delivered. I saved until I had enough to pay cash for the grill. I also had money left over to buy some necessary items. One necessity was the propane tank. Cooking wouldn’t be possible without propane. The cover will keep the grill out of the elements.

Since I’m a rookie I took my instruction book out with me to get started. I followed the instructions to a tee but when I turned the knob a loud sound happened that made me think it was blowing up. I’m not sure what I did wrong when I turned on the first knob but that  didn’t happen with the second knob.

I cooked boneless chicken breast and beef short ribs.  I didn’t have a clue how to accomplish my task but I managed to get them done. I didn’t dry out the meat too much. I ate it and if I have to say so myself it was delicious.

Here is my colorful grill and the first of many meals I’ll prepare – chicken and beef short ribs. Next time I’ll try grilling vegetables. Maybe I’ll Google how to grill so I don’t have to hold my breath to see how it turns out.

Ok I’m not the Barbecue Queen-at least not yet.