A Tribute to Mothers

I read a post of my friend remembering her relationship with her mother and encouraging mothers everywhere. I was moved when reading it because I could relate in my relationship with my mother whom I miss dearly.

With my friend’s permission I am reposting her piece.

A mother is so different than a father…at least mine were. She is the nurturer…the one you turned to when you had wounds, both physical and emotional. She fussed over you and made sure you learned manners. She took time to read to you and hear your prayers. She sacrificed her own needs for yours. No matter what you did wrong, she still loved you…even if she had to correct you. Her love was a constant. Most importantly, she prayed for you. I’ve said this before and still believe it…a mothers prayers are never ending…they are eternal. As a mother prays, she touches the Mother Heart of God because He instilled His Heart of love in each woman. When He is touched by her prayers, an eternal shift takes place in our lives. I’m thankful for the God given mother I had and grateful even more for her prayers. She has been in heaven for 20 years but she lives on in my heart and memories. She developed within me a strong sense of commitment, honor, and a fortitude to complete what I begin. I am grateful for my mom!I honor all mothers on this day…especially those whose children are already in heaven. The saddest thing I see happening on this day is people don’t see children in your life and prejudge that you are not a mother. All women carry the mother heart of God in their DNA…all influence the life or lives of others…thus all women are mothers. I was blessed to influence the lives of over 5000 children in my 30 years of teaching. Some even called me mom.Please do not ask a woman on mothers day if they have children so you can determine if you say happy mothers day to them…just bless them with that wish. Even if they don’t have their own, they are influencing someone like a mother! The greatest gift I’ve received after my mom’s passing is other women becoming moms in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!

Bedie Post

Celebrating The Gift God Gave Me

Thirty-two years ago today while sitting at a typewriter talking to a new employee I experienced what felt like a balloon bursting inside of me. There was a gush of water in the new chair I was sitting in splashing all over the new guys shoes. Oh my goodness, my water broke. This couldn’t be happening-all over the shoes of someone I didn’t know.  Yes it was indeed happening, a week early.

 I was so embarrassed I rolled the chair back and called my supervisor. I told her what happened and why I couldn’t get up. My cute little white dress was soaked. Shirley went to the back and brought a lab coat for me to wear.

 Getting over the embarrassment I realized I had no pain. I called my doctor. He said if I had no pain by 4 pm to call him. It didn’t take long for the pain to show up.   I never experienced mild pain. It started out intense. One pain started before the  previous pain ended-they crashed into each other. This was my third baby and I never experienced anything like that.

 The wall at the hospital became my best friend that I held on to as I was making my way to my room.  After getting dressed in my designer hospital gown I climbed into bed. A few minutes later my doctor came in and gave me the initial exam to determine the approximate time my little bundle of joy would arrive. We’ll have a baby around four o’clock. It was 2:15.

 The pains were escalating to the point I was hyperventilating. My doctor came into the room at that moment. He put his hand over my mouth to help me gain control of my breathing. Dr. Larry examined me and said “get her across the hall. We’re going to have a baby now.” At 2:30 I was rushed across to the delivery room. At 2:41 pm and a couple pushes later God presented me with a beautiful little girl.

 So today I celebrate the blessing God gave me on this date thirty-two years ago.

Happy birthday baby.