Reach Out

There are a lot of single people that have no where to go for the holidays. They are left at home alone with their heart breaking but you would never know it because they put on a good front and a happy face but crying inside.

Now there are some singles who prefer to spend the day at home alone. Maybe they want to rest, catch up with some chores, read a book, cook their own dinner and top it off with a delicious glass of wine.

Although I’m okay with being alone on the holidays, if I’m invited somewhere I usually go. Some times I feel sad because my family lives so far away and it practically takes two days to drive there. Since I’m directionally challenged it might take longer and I end up who knows where. Flying during the holiday is a little challenging also.

My friends and I have planned an outing on the holiday that have been wonderfully enjoyable. We make reservations at a place that serves delicious meals. We dress up and pile in the car and laugh and giggle all the way. We also take selfies and get someone to snap a picture of all of us together. There are plenty of options.

Several more holidays in this year would be a great time to extend an invitation to share your holiday.  I will be extending invitations to share my holidays. If you do you will be glad you did and so will they.

Crossing Over to Your Promised Land

In my quiet time I read Day 50 in the Book of Mysteries written by Jonathan Cahn. The title is The Exodus Factor and is about the Ivrim.

It means Hebrew-Those who cross over. The Hebrews crossed over the Red Sea and the River Jordan to get to the Promised Land. They crossed the Red Sea to get out of Egypt (old land). before they could cross the River Jordan (new Land).

In Genesis 12 God told Abram to leave everything he knew and go where He was going to show him. Abram might have been a little nervous about those instructions but he obeyed anyway.

As I read this the Lord showed me my journey begins in my head. I have to leave those fearful thoughts-renew my mind with faith filled thoughts before I can enter the promised land He has for me. My faith in Him and the process He is taking me through will in deed take me to where He wants me.

If you need to get to your promised land but you feel like you’re being delayed, remember you have to get out of the old land, physically, mentally or emotionally. You have to breakthrough and move to the new land. It can be done.

Genesis 12:1-3; Exodus 12:51; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Ephesians 4:22-24

#atozchallenge – Apology


Today is the beginning of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. There will be twenty-six days of great fun, writing and reading.

For letter A my topic is Apology.

An apology is what someone gives if wrong words or actions have been perceived. It’s just a perception and doesn’t mean they actually did anything wrong.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if what was said or done was actually wrong. People take things in different ways. What bothers one person may not affect another. The bottom line may be there is a need for an apology.

Probably the hardest apology needs to be given when the giver doesn’t feel they said or did anything wrong. This one will probably save a relationship.

The hardest one is when it accomplished the intent but in the process almost destroyed a person. Submission to doing the right thing is needful.

Most of the times I’ve given an apology were easy because I wanted to make sure the air was clear between me and whomever I apologized to. There has been instances where the person said there was no need for me to apologize because I hadn’t done anything.

Although I was glad to hear that it was also good to know they weren’t offended.

How have you handled giving an apology?