Every Day Father’s Day

My father bought us (all girls) trucks and he would get in the floor and play with us. They were 18 wheelers and a log carrying trucks. He also bought me a bicycle and us a swing set. I can remember that only I played on the swing set. I also had roller skates since I was one year old. Another toy he bought was a gyroscope. We thread a cord around the wheel to create a rapid spin.

Some time later my mom and dad divorced and when we left we had to leave the toys because we couldn’t take the beautiful toy box dad built to hold our toys.

Today as I sat a candle I lit on my table my eyes fell upon a toy I cherished since I was a child that has been sitting on my table for years. That toy is a gyroscope. It is there to honor my dad. I decided I will wind the string and let it whirl everywhere it wants in honor of my father.

This year Father’s Day is June 20,2021 but I’m not going to wait several weeks-I’m going to start now.

Daddy although you’re not here with me physically, you’re in my heart covered in the love I have for you.

For those who want to wait until June 20, 2021 meditate on your special memories with your fathers and bless the time you have/had with him. If forgiveness is needed, forgive so you can move forward in your life.