As I was thinking about Dreaming Big today it occurred to me that my home should be situated on land somewhere. Situated where is the big question I need to find an answer to.

Do I want it in a new community where they may have several styles of houses and I have to be satisfied with their plans? They might say you can make it the way you want but within the parameters they set. Then there’s the dreaded HOA-Home Owners Association. They charge you to tell you what you can and cannot do to your home. If you live In a Master Plan Community the HOA fee is much more for extra activities you don’t have time to use. I’ve been there, done that with my last home. I’m not particularly interested in doing that again unless it’s a neighborhood just I have to live in.

Since I’m dreaming big, I want a ranch with a creek and wooded acres. With that much land I want a sprawling ranch style home and an Olympic size pool with a pool house. A studio behind the main house is already a part of my big dream. Several Longhorn steers and a couple of horses will have a home at my ranch. I’ll have to hire a ranch hand to take care of the animals and ranch since I haven’t a clue what to do with all that.

Once everything is built and in place I’m going to throw a Texas size barbecue all weekend and invite a bunch of people. I will also hire a chef and wait staff for this shindig because I will be socializing with my guest instead of in the kitchen.

Now that’s Dreaming Big!



Wow, yesterday I started dreaming big about the patio. Who would have thought? Most people start dreaming big on the inside of their homes. I guess I’m not like most people and I’m not finished dreaming about the rest of the back, front and side yard.

Today my Big Dream is a new home—built from the ground up to my specifications. I want a home that will be customized to my needs and wants. I don’t want rooms that never get used. Every space has to have a purpose and be user-friendly.

The three most important rooms to me are the kitchen, master suite and craft room. My big dream would be a studio in back of the main house that could be totally dedicated to my crafts and writing. This would be an organized area that I wouldn’t have to pack up and store what I’m working on and bring it out again the next time. I wouldn’t have to hunt for my materials when I get an idea for a new piece of jewelry, a painting or an outfit because everything would be neatly put away. I would be able to get what I need to get busy and create.

My kitchen has to have plenty of light. I don’t want the sink in the island because I want a window to look out and watch the birds playfully soaring throughout the yard. I do require an island—a big island that can seat many people because I don’t want an eating area. I will have a dining room on the other side of the Butler’s Pantry that will get daily use. There has to have plenty of storage so all my gadgets and small appliances have a home. I do have a lot of them that I enjoy using. They need to be in a convenient place. A Butler’s Pantry has to be in close proximity to the kitchen because I have all types of glasses I like to drink out of. I don’t like drinking out of plastic.

My master suite has to be a peaceful place without a television. A cozy room off the master suite would be great for a television/library. That would leave the bedroom for rest.

Separate sinks would be ideal in the master bath. I’d want either a steam shower or a walk-in shower without doors. A deep six-foot soaking tub is a must because I love bubble baths. A towel warmer is needful to wrap in warmth after my bubble baths or steam shower. I don’t want to forget about toasty warm toes and a way to accomplish that is to have heated floors in the master bath.



While shopping one day I saw a journal titled Dream Big and I knew I needed to buy it. Dreaming Big is something I always want to do.

I got my Dream Big journal and sat down to write about my dreams when I discovered something. How can I dream big when I don’t know exactly what I want? I put the journal down and went on to something else.

Today while cleaning up a mess on my patio floor I started dreaming about having a bigger patio. If I’m going to dream about a bigger patio it needs to be attached to something—like a big home—my dream home. Thus starts my Dream Big dream home I dream about building. I want to share snippets as I gather my thoughts about this great endeavor that is subject to change many times before the final outcome.

My Big Dream today is a big patio. I need a big patio because I want to live on it when the weather’s not too hot or cold. It would be as a single multipurpose room. Part of the patio will have an outdoor kitchen with a dining table and a living room area. A fireplace or fire pit and a television have to be included. A couple of ceiling fans will create a nice breeze. It looks like this is going to be a big outdoor area.

While I’m dreaming I might as well add an enclosed area that will keep the bugs and other invite guests out when sitting out late nights.

I love sitting on my patio and listen to the birds chirping away. When I have time to sit a while, I look forward to visits from my Hummingbird friends who like to play hide and seek-catch me if you can with me.

I want my outdoor living space to be adorned as beautiful as the inside of my home. Beautiful, flowers to edge the patio that will be a pleasing fragrance and add to the peaceful, resting place. I also want the same beautiful landscape and feeling to extend around the whole house.


The patio that started my dream

























A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – House or Home

I recently sold my home on the fifth day it was listed. The closing will be in a couple of weeks. My plan was to purchase my dream home but there was not enough time to find the perfect home for me. I don’t want to settle for a house because I need one. I want to purchase one because I love it.

When I was out visiting houses I never saw one that spoke to me and made me fall in love. I came to the conclusion that now is not the time to spend that much money on something I will hate when I get up the next morning and be stuck hating it for the next five years or so.

So where am I going to live? I am moving into a beautiful apartment for now. I’m taking time off from having to cut grass, plant flowers, and treat weeds. Someone else is maintaining the yard I get to enjoy. I can call the maintenance man if there is a need and I don’t have to pay for it.

I’ve lived in homes for the last twenty years taking care of all of the homeowner duties. For the next year I’ll be on a break from that. I will focus on my passions.

Maybe by next year I’ll find my dream home or build it.

M is for Moving Day

Selling your home is an exciting thing. It sets the stage for a new chapter in life. It creates an opportunity to go through those papers that have been piling up in the corner on the floor. Don’t forget the magazines you bought subscriptions to and haven’t read them-all for the sake of trying to win the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes.

A lot of decisions to be made so unnecessary things won’t tag along with the important things you want to keep. This is a great time to simplify. Simplify the wardrobe, bedding, dishes to name a few that you haven’t used for ages. Get rid of them-plain and simple.

Excitement is increasing with every step of preparation. The most exciting part of this adventure is when your truck is leaving the old and you put your unlock the new with your key.

Moving Day has come.