Morning Meeting

This morning I gathered my Bible and belongings and made my way to my veranda (translation patio) where I was going to start my day in a peaceful way.

The sun met and hugged me like a long lost friend reuniting after a time apart. The present I received from Sun was a big dose of vitamin D to give me a boost that I needed.

The nice breeze was blowing as the flowers were flowing to the tune of an unheard melody. I can see the dance but can’t hear the song.

It must be for them – not me.

Flowers Growing Everywhere

I love flowers. All varieties. Indoors, outdoors. Everywhere.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Orchids. I’d buy one every time I’d go to the store but I have to contain myself, mainly because I don’t have room to place them around my home.

One sad issue had been in the past was I never could get them to bloom again. They would eventually die.  I love them so much that in spite of every one I’d buy, they’d die. Then in the last two years a miracle happened. My Orchids started thriving and have been blooming multiple times.


I’ve never had three Orchids bloom at the same time before. That is unless I bought them all at once and they were in full bloom. This is the third time one of them bloomed. These flowers have lasted a very long time and that is why I wanted to share their beauty.

You might want to say, “what about the little pot in the front. Well that Orchid never had any flowers. When I bought it, it was barren and half dead. My mercy took over and I brought it home with me. I guess Maybe a green thumb is in the mix. It’s still alive and for that I’m thankful. Just wanted to share.

Do you have any flowers adding joy to your house?

A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Fresh Flowers

This morning I stepped out of my front door to check the weather. I need to make sure I was dressed appropriately. The weather was wonderful and I was indeed dressed appropriately.

Iris from my yard

Iris from my yard

My eyes gazed upon beautiful flowers blooming in my front yard. The irises stood up from their resting place in a majestic manner. More buds than I’ve ever seen were waiting on their turn to bloom.

Iris buds ready to bloom

Iris buds ready to bloom.

I ran to get my camera to take photos of the beautiful Irises. I turned to go into the house and something caught my attention. There was something in a pot that was about to be thrown in the trash. I lifted the pot of dead flowers and found a pot of Hosta’s I thought were dead. Much to my surprise, they are very much alive.

Hosta in hiding

Hosta in hiding

Dead Hosta Resurrected

Dead Hosta Resurrected

The Living and The Dead

The Living and The Dead

                                                                      The Living and The Dead

I went to the store for a few things-got more. When I got to the checkout I was surprised when I was asked if I wanted to purchase a bouquet of flowers for a donation of a dollar or more. I didn’t hear what the donation was for but I gave.

There were several kinds to choose from but many alike. My eyes fell upon a bouquet that only one bloom was open. A lot of unopened ones meant they would last longer than a day or two. Along with being beautiful, their fragrance filled the room.

When I got home today I looked at the flowers and they were at death’s door. Pulled them out of the vase to find they drank up all the water and were dying from thirst. Grabbed them up and made my way to the sink to replenish the water.

After a few moments life returned in all except one. It was the only one that entered death’s door. Sadness engulfed me at the thought of losing the whole bouquet. My joy was redeemed as death moved out of the way for the life that was revived.