There comes a time in our lives that we are tempted by something that can change our lives in a way we can never imagine. In some circumstances we can have what I’m going to call a flesh attack. In case you don’t know that is when your flesh demands satisfaction. In that state we forget about the consequences or we just don’t care. A free for all is not necessarily free at all. Someone is going to pay be it one or both involved.

Her future had taken a sudden turn

The flesh got in the way

Never again would she be

The carefree teen she was yesterday

A decision that never crossed her mind

Had been made for her

The secret fun she enjoyed

Had gone a bit too far

She wondered as tears

Streamed down her face

How could this happen to me

No more will life be carefree

When she shared the news with him

He turned and walked away

Hadn’t seen or heard from him

Since that dreaded day

The unexpected bundle of joy

Had made his way

The pain and push

Now complete

Is here to stay

Where is the joy that abounds

Blank face and stony heart

Cold eyes starring into space

No connection to be found

Detached from the start


Sometimes things I dream about seem so far away. They look like they are in a place I can never reach. With sorrow in my heart I succumb to my reality that my dream will never come to pass. I sorrowfully put them on the shelf.

One day I heard these words.

You can Be

What’s in your heart to be

Everything you can be came from me

It was fashioned in you

Before the beginning of time

I have directions that will get you there

Stop wishing, worrying and living in despair

Ask me, I’ll help you

Get to where you need to be.

Do you have a dream to Be but you keep saying to yourself not me

Don’t pack it away

Gaze at it every day

Keep your heart open

And expect to Be