Dream Big Day 6

Once this beautiful home is complete every room inside has to be to shine like the construction outside.

I alone can only do my precious home a disservice. With that said an interior designer is what I need to assist me throughout the whole project—not just putting on the finishing touches.

There are many decisions to be made from the beginning before ground is broken to the final furnishing put in place. I look through many magazines for ideas and thinking about making a vision board to keep everything together.

First and foremost I’ve got to have the perfect place for my Baby Grand Piano. Then we can work the rest of the room around its placement. In that placement I must have a place for a fish tank-a beautiful colorful home for fish that replicates the depths of the seas.

I don’t want cookie cutter furnishings. I have antique furnishings from my grandmother and some I purchased that have to be utilized. I found dining chairs I want to purchase but the jury’s still out about a new table. I have my grandmother’s table but not sure if I want to use it. If I do use it will have to change the finish to another color other than brown or black. I haven’t found a table I like enough to purchase so I still have time to decide.

The rest of my home will evolve. I won’t be in a hurry to get every room completed at once. Listening to what it’s saying is important.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

A to Z Blog Challenge S-Settle

A friend and I went computer shopping for her. She didn’t know much about computers but she had in her mind she wanted a laptop. We looked at several brands which had her must have items. To get a better understanding we asked a technician every question we could think of. During the question and answer session it was revealed a few items were no longer offered as a part of the computer and had to be added for an extra charge.

As we wandered around the computer area her eyes fell upon a computer that instantly won her heart. In her excitement I thought she was going to jump up and down and run around the store. I want this one she exclaimed. Her mind was made up.

The computer she fell in love with cost a lot more than the laptops. She expressed that she was willing to pay that price for the one she liked. When we went out the door her mind was made up to return and purchase that computer.

If we hadn’t wondered around the computer area she would have settled for any computer. It would have been okay but there would have been a nagging deep within of dissatisfaction.  It may not have had a name but the nagging feeling would have been churning within her. When she laid eyes on that special computer settling was not an option.

In every area of our life we come to crossroads where we have to make a decision if we are going to settle or not. If I were a betting woman I would bet settling is not an option.

Have you ever come to the crossroad whether you had to decide to settle or not to settle?