O Death You Lost Your Sting

O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” 1Corinthians 15:55 NTL

Today I attended a Memorial Service for a well-loved young man who attended the same church as I do. Aaron was loved by his family as well as every one whose life he touched.

He was born with an ailment that caused paralysis to his lower extremities. That didn’t stop him from doing what he wanted. Aaron played football, entered his dog in shows and many other activities that might make any other person feel sorry for themselves and not attempt to live a full and exciting life.

The most important thing about Aaron was his love for The Lord. As a result of his love he was an intercessor. During Intercessory Prayer time you could always find him at prayer service-he was the first one there waiting for someone to open the church.

Another gift of Aaron’s was the ability to blow two Shofars at a time. That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

I introduced him to my grandson when he was visiting me and every time I saw Aaron after that he would always ask about my grandson. He probably added him to his prayer list.

What resonated with me from the words of encouragement that were spoken during the Memorial Service was we go to sleep on earth and wake up in heaven. Before today I felt death was final. Now I see it in a different light which takes the sting out of death for me.

I will miss Aaron and all the hugs I got from him, I rejoice with him that he has left a place of uncertainty and move to a sure place to forever be with his Lord.

Aaron I rejoice with you but I will miss you.

You May Be The Only Bible They Read

When mission field comes to mind do you think of a different country or a different state? Did you ever think evangelizing as something you do on a regular basis? If not think about it. It can be the community swimming pool, the nail salon, the grocery store or the bowling alley. These are just a few to get your thoughts flowing. There are more than I can think of.

You don’t have to strap on your Bible and arm yourselves with tracks to be a good witness for God. You may be the only Bible the people will ever read. It is not necessary to beat them over their head with the Word. We are the living Word. We are the light. We are the answer. Our assignment is to go into all the world–at home as well as other countries.

The part of the Body of Christ that I belong to bowl in leagues and tournaments. That is our mission field and as a result of doing what God has assigned us to do many people have given their life to the Lord. We go into the bowling establishments armed with bowling balls and the light of God. We are the Bible they read. Week after week the story doesn’t change.

We should be doing what Jesus did. He was out in the world–not behind walls waiting for the world to come to Him.
It’s awesome that God can take something I love to do and use me to do my part in evangelizing that part of the world.

Can God depend on you to evangelize the world through something you love to do?

A God Opportunity Almost Missed

Occasionally I receive coupons from Dairy Queen to buy one Blizzard and get one free. I spent my coupon yesterday. After much thought, I chose two different flavors—one to eat and the other to put in the freezer for later.  The first Blizzard was my favorite (Turtle Pecan Cluster) and the other (Georgia Mud Fudge), a flavor I wanted to try.
I picked up both of my Blizzards and turned to leave.  A gentleman coming into the store jokingly said, “Is one of those for me?”

“Do you want one?” I replied in the same joking tone.

“Yeah,” he said.

I smiled and walked out the door to get in my car.

I couldn’t leave. Had I missed an opportunity to bless someone? Probably.  I didn’t need to eat both of those Blizzards.

The gentleman disappears behind a door. I waited behind the wheel, my eyes fixed on the door.
When he reappeared I went into the Dairy Queen—Blizzards in hand. I found him waiting for his order.

“I have two different flavors, Pecan Cluster and Georgia Mud Fudge. Which would you like?”

He kindly refused saying I should give them to my kids. I shared with him that my kids were grown and asked him again which one would he like.

“Georgia Mud Fudge”. He smiled, thanked me and kissed me on my cheek.

I walked to my car radiating a smile with great joy filling my heart.
I almost missed a great opportunity to bless a total stranger. I’m glad I recognized the situation that had been laid out for me and acted upon it. Not so I could be puffed up because I did a good thing, but because I blessed someone I didn’t know who never expected to be blessed.

From this day forward, I will keep my radar on looking for more opportunities to bless someone I don’t know.
Have you ever had an opportunity to be a blessing to someone you didn’t know in a small or big way? Did you act on the opportunity? How did you feel when you followed your instinct? Or when you ignored it?


I Had a Conversation with God. He talked-I listened.

You need to expand. Expand what you think, see and believe. I didn’t bring you here to think, see and believe in a small way. By continuing that way you are limiting me. I am a limitless God. You are trying to fit me in a box that I don’t fit in. I can’t be boxed. By not changing and submitting to where I want to take you, you are hurting yourself. With your fear and unbelief I can’t increase you and take you to the next step in your purpose and destiny. You have made a big step by moving from Ohio to Texas but as I told you before, I’m God in Texas like I’m God in Ohio.

As you move around Texas you see how big and expansive everything is. I’m bigger and more expansive than what you see. When you look down a road, you only see so far but the road continues on–I’m bigger and reach farther than that.

Moving was a small thing compared to what I have planned for you. Increase your expectation of me. Remember whatever you think, I’m greater than that. Whatever you see, I’m more than that. Get excited, rejoice and let no one discourage you. Look to me and look for me in your everyday activities.

Don’t think you are limited to Texas. Just like I brought you to Texas time and again, I plan to take you to other places. Some will be for my purpose and others will be for your pleasure. What I have put in you will not lay dormant, but will be used to free the captives. Don’t be concerned about anything in your life. I have that already taken care of.

Trust me and watch. You won’t be disappointed.