A-Z Blog Challenge Beauregard

Many years ago I saw an English Bulldog and fell in love. It was many years since I had a dog which was a Great Dane.

Because I was busy with traveling and working a lot of hours I decided I would wait until I retired to get a Bulldog. Then one day I received orders from headquarters to leave my job before retirement and relocate.

Fast forward to the present time I still don’t have a dog-Bulldog. I was reminded last month that now is the right time to find my new best friend.

You might be thinking where does Beauregard come in. Well that will be the puppy’s name but he will be called Beau as a nickname.

Now I’m on a journey to find the perfect puppy for me. What I’m finding is not many bulldog puppies are born at this time, so I will stay on this journey until it’s complete.

#atozchallenge -Beau the Bulldog


Beau the Bulldog has been a hope, dream and a figment of my imagination for a while now. One day I plan to make him a dream come true.

I‘ve wanted a bulldog for a long time but for one reason or the other I’ve never purchased a puppy. He already has a name. I can visualize sitting on the patio cooling it with him. He’d be the reason I’d go for a walk.

I let a lot of things get in the way and always had an excuse. One thing that makes me nervous is the breed has a lot of health problems. I believe that is what put on the breaks. I’ve tried to pick another breed but my heart belongs to the bullies.


Wow! A Beautiful Sight!

I was at the farmer’s market and there was the most beautiful and healthy looking bulldog I’ve ever laid eyes on. He exuded strength and power. I just so happened to have my camera and snapped a few photos.

Just maybe the addition to my family will be coming soon.


Dogs-Man’s Best Friend or Major Ordeal

I thought by now I would have a new member of my family—a dog. That was my plan. I wanted an English bulldog to be my companion.To add a dog to my family was about to become a major ordeal. Before I decided on the English bulldog I tried to figure out if I should get a big dog that takes me for a walk or should I get one that I walk in a stroller. Do I want long hair or short—a shedder or not? How about a pedigree or maybe one that’s been rescued ? So many decisions including how they fare health wise. One can’t stand the heat. Another is susceptible to heart, eyes, ear, leg . . . problems.
They purposely mix the breeds these days and charge a fortune for them—they are still a special breed. What happened to the mixed breeds of the past that a neighbor or friend would give you for free? They didn’t have ailments that cost an arm, a leg and a loan to have treated like they do today. As a matter of fact they were healthy and strong and lived for years. Their best characteristic was faithfulness. They had no special diet and didn’t need the air on because they couldn’t stand the heat. They were a faithful companion who loved unconditionally.