My Perceptions

A definition of perception is the ability to see, hear,
or become aware of something through the senses.

Pain can be physical or emotional. Physical pain can be in a particular part of your body or all over. Emotional pain can make you think your heart is broken and you can’t go on. It some times hurt worse than physical pain.
Any pain you have can be eradicated by The Healer.

Bowling is a spiritual game. The pins are like problems that won’t go away. They keep standing when they should have fallen. In order to bring them down don’t rush them, but with a pause, listen for a strategy and move forward. You win.

In writing you get freedom. You can use your wildest imagination that can be entertaining to the reader. You can tell your story that can set a person free. If you have a mandate to write stop putting it off and get to it. Satisfaction of completion can be a wonderful thing.

Listening is a hard thing to do. You can start listening to someone but can go off the beaten path into your own world by just one word that was spoken. Everyone who wants you to listen don’t always want a response. They only want a listener. Do them and yourself a favor-listen.

Birds are interesting to watch. Their ways resemble people. One minute they are working together and the next they are fighting. Fluttering and flapping their wing and squawking remind me of many people I’ve come in contact with over the years. They fly away never to be seen again. With people that may not happen.


When I got to the bowling alley tonight I found that we were tied again with several other teams.

This is the third week we’ve been tied. The first week we were tied for first place with two teams. We won the first game. The second and third games we handed the over to the opposing team who happened to be the number one team. We fell apart. I guess we were intimidated or something.

The second week we were vying for fourth place. Again we were tied with two teams. We won two games plus total points. Our last game we had 1001 pins. We were in shock and amazed. We loved it-never happened to us before.

This week we were tied with two teams for ninth place. We lost the first game. We won the second and third game plus total pins.

We are not the best team but a miracle is keeping us going. There are twenty teams and we have been in most of the positions. Up and down, back and forth.

Who knows, we might just be number one when the league is over.

She Set Her Eyes on the Prize-She Won

Tonight was the beginning of the fall/winter bowling league. In this league there are different categories to win money. Highest scratch (no handicap), highest handicap to name a few.

A young lady came tonight determined to win all the prizes. She needed the money in the worst way.

One might say how can she afford to bowl. All the members were blessed with the fees paid by a benefactor.

The young lady set her eyes on the prize, focused and hit her mark with every release of the ball. She accomplished what she set out to do. She won in every category except the men’s. When it was over she won more than she thought she would.

We never know what God is going to use to answer our prayer. We better keep our eyes on Him.

He fed a widow and her son with her flour and oil being extended until the drought was over. (I Kings 17) Although she was at the end of her supplies she trusted and obeyed God and He provided.

Another widow and her sons filled up many borrowed vessels with a continual flow oil until the vessels ran out to pay off the debt of her deceased husband and live off the rest. She followed the direction of the Prophet and the miracle kept her sons from being imprisoned. (II Kings 4)

Don’t close God in a box because He’ll surprise you every time.

Question: When was the last time God answered your prayer or supplied your need in a way you least expected?

You May Be The Only Bible They Read

When mission field comes to mind do you think of a different country or a different state? Did you ever think evangelizing as something you do on a regular basis? If not think about it. It can be the community swimming pool, the nail salon, the grocery store or the bowling alley. These are just a few to get your thoughts flowing. There are more than I can think of.

You don’t have to strap on your Bible and arm yourselves with tracks to be a good witness for God. You may be the only Bible the people will ever read. It is not necessary to beat them over their head with the Word. We are the living Word. We are the light. We are the answer. Our assignment is to go into all the world–at home as well as other countries.

The part of the Body of Christ that I belong to bowl in leagues and tournaments. That is our mission field and as a result of doing what God has assigned us to do many people have given their life to the Lord. We go into the bowling establishments armed with bowling balls and the light of God. We are the Bible they read. Week after week the story doesn’t change.

We should be doing what Jesus did. He was out in the world–not behind walls waiting for the world to come to Him.
It’s awesome that God can take something I love to do and use me to do my part in evangelizing that part of the world.

Can God depend on you to evangelize the world through something you love to do?

Reflecting on My Life

I haven’t blogged since I participated in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I’ve been busy but writing has been on my mind. I’m trying to get a perspective on where I’m going from here.

Last week I had a few minutes before I had to leave home. I picked up my guitar that I waved at when I walked past it. Now just because I have a guitar doesn’t mean I can play it–I can’t. Something went off in me when I started strumming it. I then remembered some of the things I learned when I took lessons for a minute a few years ago. I knew at the first strum that I need to learn how to play instead of letting it collect dust. My neighbor across the street has offered to teach me. I’m going to march myself across the street for lessons. By this time next year I will be an excellent guitarist playing all types of music

I’m also perfecting my bowling skills. The winter leagues will be over next week. I’m already signed up for a summer league and a couple tournaments. With the help of a friend I have amassed an arsonel of bowling balls-I have five to be exact. Three will go with me at all times. I’m excited how my average will increase. One day I will no longer have a handicap. I AM A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!

I will continue my writing. I will increase my skills by taking courses and entering challenges. Next year when I participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge I want to look like I know what I am doing. Maybe I’ll have a blog only for the challenge and I can still write my regular blog.

Getting back to my art is a must. I have pictures in my head that need to be on canvas.

Looks like I need a housekeeper to do the things I won’t have time to do since there are no slots in my calendar to do the boring things.

As you see I’ve got big plans. If I can complete the challenge then I can complete my list.

What’s on your list to start and complete? Go for it. I know you can.