What’s that sad look on your face?

Shoulders bent, eyes to the ground

Walking at a slow pace.

I know what you need

You need a little encouragement.

Hard times come and go

When they’re going to hit

Nobody knows.

I know what you need

You need a little encouragement

Lift up your head

And open your eyes

Encouragement is all around you

Don’t believe the lies

I know what you need

You need a little encouragement

I’m here to tell you

All is well

You will get through it

You will prevail

Because you got a little encouragement.

Crime-Is It A Crime

Is it a crime

To reach in your pocket 

And give that person a dime

Is it a crime

To forget about yourself this time

And put a pair of shoe

On the one standing next to you

With their feet on the ground 

Is it a crime

To gift one of your many cars

To the sister in the pew across from you

With her kids standing at the bus stop

You wave at them every Sunday when you drive by

Is it a crime

To buy extra groceries

For that widow on the verge

Of a cat food dinner

Is it a crime

You look down on the needy

While you hob knob with the greedy

Is it a crime

Is it a crime

If you saw someone in need what would you do? 


Sometimes things I dream about seem so far away. They look like they are in a place I can never reach. With sorrow in my heart I succumb to my reality that my dream will never come to pass. I sorrowfully put them on the shelf.

One day I heard these words.

You can Be

What’s in your heart to be

Everything you can be came from me

It was fashioned in you

Before the beginning of time

I have directions that will get you there

Stop wishing, worrying and living in despair

Ask me, I’ll help you

Get to where you need to be.

Do you have a dream to Be but you keep saying to yourself not me

Don’t pack it away

Gaze at it every day

Keep your heart open

And expect to Be