Quality, Quiet Time

Busyness is a robber most time. It takes away from a chance to sit and reflect or read a good book or be quiet and hear from The Lord.

I feel each of these are an important process in my life. I’m not a robot that can keep going until my energizer batteries run out. I need to reflect on things going on in my life-the good, bad and ugly. Those things need to be sorted out so corrections can be implemented or maybe some things eliminated. Rest is another important factor. A tired mind is a terrible mind and sound decisions can’t be made.

Quiet time is when I shut down everything and just be. In that time of quietness is when I can hear The Lord clearly. I can get clarity in the. Direction I need to go.

Quality time is when I take care of things that are important to my well-being. A relaxing massage. Eases then tension and brings repair to my body. Getting a manicure and pedicure makes my fingers and toes beautiful artwork to gaze at and smile.

I’m selfish with my quality, quiet because it makes a more together me.

Passion of God through Christ

With great joy we praise The Lord

For all He did on the cross

The passion was God’s alone

Jesus gave up His life

As a sacrifice

Because God’s desire

Was for no one to perish

But have everlasting life

Your life is not your own

It belongs to the one who paid the price

Surrender freely

To experience the passion

Like none known before

God’s passion fulfilled by Christ




The finale of a reality show aired this past Sunday. After the finale an after show came on with only one of the stars of the show and the host. The host asked questions that required the star’s opinion. She gave her opinion. Some answers were direct and she danced around others.

Today there was an article about the after show on Yahoo.com. It wasn’t a good or bad article. The article talked about the content of the show and gave statistics about viewer percentage for the season that just ended. There were more comments than I had time to read from a multitude of viewers of the reality show and the after show. Everyone was expressing their opinions.

Now it’s time for my opinion.

The after show was probably fixed. The guest was someone who gives her opinion even when no one asks for it and doesn’t care if you like what she says or not. She is the one everyone loves to hate.

The commenters were railing on the star that was the only guest on the after show. They were ready to band together and sign a petition to have her kicked off the show. There were a few other people they wanted to give the boot to also. But they wanted to keep the docile people on there.

What kind of show would that be? Every person on the show needs to stay because they have individual purposes to make the show work. The show just had its best season so I doubt they will fire anyone next season.

I posted my comment to let them know that if the producers fixed the show the way they wanted it no one would watch it. Since they all hated it maybe they should stop watching it.

So what I got out of all of this is we all have opinions-right, wrong or indifferent. Our opinions get more pronounced when they are made public, we are anonymous and it costs us nothing to put it out with no consequence.  

Breaking News

N is for News

Some days it seems like there is more depressing news on television than fun shows. No matter what channel you turn to you’ll hear the same thing over and over.

There are times when it does you good to turn it off or just not turn it on. If you turn it off after you heard part of it then a rerun plays in your head. If you don’t listen at all, then you’re wondering what’s going on in the world.

I guess there’s no win, win in this. Tune in when you’re really interested and don’t when you’re not. One thing for sure is someone will probably tell you what’s happening.

Stay Tuned for Breaking News!

M is for Moving Day

Selling your home is an exciting thing. It sets the stage for a new chapter in life. It creates an opportunity to go through those papers that have been piling up in the corner on the floor. Don’t forget the magazines you bought subscriptions to and haven’t read them-all for the sake of trying to win the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes.

A lot of decisions to be made so unnecessary things won’t tag along with the important things you want to keep. This is a great time to simplify. Simplify the wardrobe, bedding, dishes to name a few that you haven’t used for ages. Get rid of them-plain and simple.

Excitement is increasing with every step of preparation. The most exciting part of this adventure is when your truck is leaving the old and you put your unlock the new with your key.

Moving Day has come.