A Step Into The New

This past Saturday I spent several hours expanding my horizons into something I’ve never done before. It was scary but I kept moving forward until my mission was accomplished. Well, maybe the first step.

I received an email that invited me to enter a photo contest. I looked through the email at the great pictures that had been entered in a previous contest. Then with great fear I looked at my photos. As I was going through them I saw a few that had great potential. I took the big leap into an experience I’ve never had before. Searching through more photos than I can count I picked out a few that would work.

The really scary part came next. That was filling out the entry form. A nervous attack was on the horizon. As I read over the form I realized it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. When I started uploading my photos my computer filled in many of the blanks and also gave me information that I didn’t know about the photos. While looking for one that I planned to enter I came across another that I thought would work but I decided not to enter it. I logged out because at that point my mission was accomplished.

This morning, two days later while getting ready for work the photo I didn’t enter was clear as day in a vision. I knew at that moment I was to enter it today which was the final day. So when I had available time I opened my entry and found out there was still time to add the photo. As a matter of fact I entered two and with those two I was still under the limit. Part two of my mission was accomplished.

So now I’ve gone somewhere I never thought I’d go. I feel great about going there. My step forward is a big thing because before I would have let fear overtake me and I’d shrink back because-because what or why I don’t know. This time I outsmarted fear.

According to the information it will take approximately eight months to get through all their steps and declare winners of the prizes. It would be great to win a prize but I’m just glad I had the nerve to look critically at my photos and declare they are good enough to be entered into a contest.

From now on I will call myself a Street Photographer.

Fear is false evidence appearing real. Don’t be bamboozled by fear that will cause you to miss out on a desire you might have. Go for it!

Papa’s Baby Girl

Papa positioned Baby Girl in her bed surrounded by her stuffed friends until he could get back to her.

The corners of her mouth curved upward breaking into a smile as she reached for Huggy Bear. Baby Girl lovingly gazed at Huggy with her bright eyes that sparkled like glittering diamonds. She lavished him with breathtaking hugs and slobbering, drooling kisses.

The loving attention that Huggy Bear received was over when Baby Girl pitched him out of the bed onto the floor. She grabbed the rail and pulled herself up to a standing position surveying the room for Papa. He was no where in sight. Her sparkling eyes dimmed and her cute smile turned to a frown. From her came a loud screeching blast, then a familiar drone followed with a stream of tears flowing down her cheeks wetting the front of her dress. None of this moved Papa as the preoccupation with his task continued. Dead silence filled the room–for how long no one knows.

Papa realizing the silence, thinking she had fallen asleep decided to take a few minutes to put her pajamas on before she go too comfortable. As he walked towards the bed, he stopped and shook his head in disbelief and amazement. Baby Girl wasn’t asleep after all. The flickering light of love brightened her chubby cheeks as she looked up and beheld her Papa.

There she sat with the front of her dress she ripped in her hand.