AH! The Phone

As I was about to pay my phone bill I had a throwback moment when phones hung on the kitchen wall or sat on a desk in the hall. These days they are on the nightstand in the bedroom or maybe on the bed at night.

It’s amazing how this inanimate object has encroached upon our lives. Every where we go we drag it along-like we can’t live without it. Not only do we keep it by our side to answer it before it finishes the first ring but to reply to the bings, bops or buzzers for email, twitter, instagram and whatever else new and exciting is birthed from the world of technology.

I was caught up in that madness until one day I had enough. My gadgets are still in my bedroom but the bells, whistles and buzzers are turned off and on chargers to be ready for the next day. There have been times I’ve forgotten my phone at home when I went to work. The amazing thing was I survived without it.

At the end of the day it is a helpful piece of equipment that is for more than playing games and other non essential activities.

Is your phone and other electronic devices taking over and controlling your life?

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