2020 A New Era

Today is the second month of the new era 2020. How did you start out in the new? Did you make New Years resolutions as you may have done in years past. If so how’s that working out for you in this new era. Have you implemented the changes you’ve written in your new journal for 2020?

There’s a lot of noise buzzing around in the air. Distraction is everywhere taking you off track and preventing the new you from being presented. I have to be careful or else I’m derailed and distracted and I don’t even realize it.

I decided I would live my life differently this decade. I think I got a little rambunctious and overloaded my life and schedule. When I got a revelation I stopped and took another look at what I was doing. Wisdom told me that I needed to step back from such a full schedule and add some down time.

The first few days were hard to get use to but I finally fell in step and everything is working out fine.

I’m keeping track of my activities on my phone and in my calendar book so I won’t miss anything. That is working out great because the beginning of every week and throughout the week I check to see if my schedule is ok or if I need to make changes.

I’m excited about how this new era has started out and have great expectations for the outcome of the rest of the year.

I hope yours is as exciting for you as mine is for me.

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