Dream Big Day 5

I have a lot of ideas and desires for my big dream. There is one problem and that is I need someone with expertise to put it all together on paper where it makes sense. An Architect could do that for me. One that listens well and executes what I tell them I want. I’m going to pick something like a faucet, sink I want in the house and have the architect build around it—just like a commercial that use to be on television. It would be fun to see that actually happen. I want someone who can relate where I’m coming from and can see and understand the method to my madness and be an asset to my project.

 Who finds the builder? Is it the architect or I? If it’s me how do I choose a good builder? I don’t know how to pick builders or contractors either. Maybe the Architect can give me recommendations. I’ll be sure to check all the people who will be building my home. There are probably a lot of Architects and builders in the vicinity of where I presently live.

 When I finish interviewing potential candidates to build my home I will have the right team. They will put together the most magnificent home that was ever built.