As I was thinking about Dreaming Big today it occurred to me that my home should be situated on land somewhere. Situated where is the big question I need to find an answer to.

Do I want it in a new community where they may have several styles of houses and I have to be satisfied with their plans? They might say you can make it the way you want but within the parameters they set. Then there’s the dreaded HOA-Home Owners Association. They charge you to tell you what you can and cannot do to your home. If you live In a Master Plan Community the HOA fee is much more for extra activities you don’t have time to use. I’ve been there, done that with my last home. I’m not particularly interested in doing that again unless it’s a neighborhood just I have to live in.

Since I’m dreaming big, I want a ranch with a creek and wooded acres. With that much land I want a sprawling ranch style home and an Olympic size pool with a pool house. A studio behind the main house is already a part of my big dream. Several Longhorn steers and a couple of horses will have a home at my ranch. I’ll have to hire a ranch hand to take care of the animals and ranch since I haven’t a clue what to do with all that.

Once everything is built and in place I’m going to throw a Texas size barbecue all weekend and invite a bunch of people. I will also hire a chef and wait staff for this shindig because I will be socializing with my guest instead of in the kitchen.

Now that’s Dreaming Big!