Espresso Express

When I was in Italy a couple of years ago I fell in love with the Espresso drink. When I returned home I had to buy Espresso somewhere, anywhere if I had a taste for it.

After purchasing many cups of Espresso I had the idea that I could make it at home. Mind you I can’t make a decent cup of coffee. My dog wouldn’t drink the coffee I made.Pretty bad, huh.

I started on a journey to gather utensils I would need to become an Espresso Barista. Google and Amazon became my go to information centers. I also checked out a few more sites but at the end of the day I didn’t know any more than before I started looking.

I finally made a decision and purchased an Espresso machine. After it arrived I stood back and peered at it like it was a strange animal in the zoo.


Getting past that I remembered I had a coffee grinder that I previously used to grind other things-not coffee. I finally located it.


Next was Espresso Beans. They were easy to buy. So no sweat there.

After thinking I knew what I was doing I realized the grinder wasn’t working that well but didn’t know what exactly was wrong. My next adventure was…you guessed it-to find a new grinder.

Just like the Espresso machine there were so many pros and cons that I quit looking several times. Then one day I came across a grinder that I could use with my Ninja Blender.  I bit the bullet and purchased the grinder.



The grinder works great and the Espresso beans are ground like I’ve never seen before. The  Espresso taste different…stronger….better.

Now I can say mission accomplished.

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I'm an unconventional writer who never knows how the project is going to turn out until it's finished. The project could be an article, short story, poetry or photography. For me that's the blessing of creativity. Come along with me as we embark on an adventure. Enjoy the ride.

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