#atozchallenge – Nowhere to Run



No Where to Run – Martha and The Vandellas

Nowhere to run to, baby

Nowhere to hide

Got nowhere to run to, baby

Nowhere to hide

It’s not love

I’m running from

It’s the heartaches

That I know will come

‘Cause I know

You’re no good for me

But you`ve become

A part of me

Everywhere I go

Your face I see

Every step I take

You take with me, yeah

The partial lyrics above are talking about a love interest in a person’s life but it can also be expanded to other events and trials in our lives.

Debt collectors could be harassing you although you have no way to pay your debts.

Your children gone bad could be bullying you and taking your money and credit cards while they overtake your home.

It could be a job you hate but know you have to stay because some how the bills need to be paid.


Then again it just might be that crazy love interest that there’s nowhere to run from.