#atozchallenge -Feast


Today I wanted to feast on a good meal for dinner. The menu consisted of only two items—salad and meatloaf.

I chose a salad recipe I saved from Facebook. It’s a simple recipe made of English cucumber, Roma tomatoes, Avocados, Red Onion, and Cilantro. The light, and refreshing dressing was lemon, olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper. I put the salad together in fifteen minutes, but it probably could be done in ten minutes.

A Food Network show helped me decide on having meatloaf. A problem with that is I don’t make meatloaf. A good thing was I just thawed a pound of bison that was waiting to be cooked.

I went to the drawer where I stash my favorite recipes and pulled out the Maximized Living Book that has recipes and started looking for meatloaf. Yeah! There was one.

I made a few changes to the recipe—using breadcrumbs instead of slices and salsa instead of ketchup. The shape was round instead of a loaf.

My, my, my! The meal was so good I wanted to slap myself. I feasted on my meal with all the sounds that are indicative of perfection.