#atozchallenge -Beau the Bulldog


Beau the Bulldog has been a hope, dream and a figment of my imagination for a while now. One day I plan to make him a dream come true.

I‘ve wanted a bulldog for a long time but for one reason or the other I’ve never purchased a puppy. He already has a name. I can visualize sitting on the patio cooling it with him. He’d be the reason I’d go for a walk.

I let a lot of things get in the way and always had an excuse. One thing that makes me nervous is the breed has a lot of health problems. I believe that is what put on the breaks. I’ve tried to pick another breed but my heart belongs to the bullies.


Wow! A Beautiful Sight!

I was at the farmer’s market and there was the most beautiful and healthy looking bulldog I’ve ever laid eyes on. He exuded strength and power. I just so happened to have my camera and snapped a few photos.

Just maybe the addition to my family will be coming soon.