Safety First

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

The unsafe incident that came to mind happened a few years ago.

I worked at the Police Department in the Fiscal Section. I took our daily deposit to City Hall every morning. Usually most mornings someone would come up to me and ask directions.

This particular morning was not any different except the guy who came up to me started to make strange noises while hitting himself on his forehead. At that moment fear engulfed me and I thought what have I gotten myself into. The attack began.

This crazy man was trying to take control over me from above me because he was taller than me. As he tried to overcome me he was met with my flailing arms like a windmill on high speed. In the midst of the struggle he threw up his arms like someone pointed a gun at him and turned away running as fast as he could.

Still shaken from that frightening experience I made my way back to my office. An APB was dispatched but that guy was nowhere to be found.

Maybe, just maybe he saw my Angel and he hasn’t stop running yet.






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