Too Soon

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?.”

Can anything be funny, or are some things off-limits?

One thing that gets me upset is when a dirty old (or young) man thinks I want to hear an off-color joke. After being caught by surprise a few times, I now stop them from telling that junk. There is nothing funny about off-color jokes told by anyone.

Another thing that disgusts me is when someone make jokes about a person they really don’t know but have only made assumption about them according to their outward appearance.

A joke or comment that does no one harm can be funny.

2 thoughts on “Too Soon

  1. I always liked the movie Bambi….where Thumper says: If’n ya can’t say nuffin nice, than don’t say nuffin at all……..I have found that even the most innocent jokes or comments can offend someone. Hard to know until it is too late. 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. You are so correct about not knowing what you say might offend someone. Maybe if we think about it before we say it we’ll get a sign if we are to say it or not. Blessings.

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