A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Young at Heart

How old are you

Twenty-two, forty-two

Or eighty-two

Does matter to you

What the number says

Or your body agrees

When you are young at heart

It really doesn’t matter

What anyone says

As long as you

Feel young at heart

Gray hair and wrinkles

Should carry no shame

Wear them proudly

Longevity claimed

Young at heart

Right from the start

Is the place to be

Now until eternity

A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Xerox

I remember back in the day when copier machines were called Xerox machines. A company called Xerox created the Xerox machine. Were they the only company that made copiers then? I don’t recall.

I remember when other companies started making copiers. They were still called Xerox machines although they didn’t make all of them. Habits are hard to change.

As time went by Xerox was no longer a household or business name. Now there are so many companies producing them.

Today copiers can do more than just make copies. They can scan and send the scanned copy to your email so you can forward it where you want it to go. Some also send and receive fax copies.

Maybe Xerox still makes copiers –I don’t know.