A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Value

What would you do if all your material belongings you own disappeared and after searching high and low you couldn’t locate them?

Have you attached such a great value on the items that you couldn’t get over the lost?

Did you protect your belongings by insuring them? If you did, then everything can be replaced. If you didn’t, it looks like you didn’t think they had any value.

If someone came to your home and liked something you had, could you part with it and bless them with it?

More valuable things are esteeming someone higher than you and wanting to put a smile on their face. How about getting great joy blessing others? These have more value than all the material things you can amass.

Reflect on the value you put on unimportant things and make any changes necessary.

A to Z Blog Challenge – U Words

Unfortunately two days ago I was told I would not be closing on my home yesterday. I had to wait until the buyers turned one piece of paperwork they were missing and the closing wouldn’t be until next Wednesday.

The buyers turned in their paperwork under pressure and I received a call late this morning that the closing was scheduled for today. With that unexpected news I got an email with the Settlement Statement attached. That way I could read it before I showed up at the closing and wouldn’t be taken by surprise with undesirable charges.

I showed up first to the closing and got the signing of many papers underway before buyers arrived.

A new undertaking for me is to be a tenant instead of a homeowner. For a year I will undoubtedly let the apartment management take on the issues I use to be responsible for. I’ve come out from under that responsibility and now I’m a free bird.