A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Kindness

Is the price to pay to show kindness to a fellow human being more expensive than you want to pay?

Maybe that person who needs to be shown kindness is thinking about doing something drastic to end their misery.

A smile or encouraging words could save a life or give someone hope. Those gestures might make you feel better. Especially when you see a glimmer of light being ignited in the person’s eyes where there was deep darkness.

Give it a try. You might run into me and I need a sincere smile and word of encouragement.

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I'm an unconventional writer who never knows how the project is going to turn out until it's finished. The project could be an article, short story, poetry or photography. For me that's the blessing of creativity. Come along with me as we embark on an adventure. Enjoy the ride.

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