A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Jesus Is

Jesus is the reason for the seasons. I’m not talking about Christmas but every season I’ve been through and will go through in my life.

He’s the rock I can lean on when I need to be steadied. He comforts me when I’m in the midst of turmoil. A dependable friend right here when my earthly friends have scattered in various directions.

Jesus takes my hand and becomes my guiding light on the dark and dreary path of life. He’s my Intercessor that keeps me on his list making sure I get what I need and roadblocks appear to keep me going in the right direction.

I’m glad we met many years ago and there’s no comparison anywhere.

I’ll stick with him on the sure path he has me on.

2 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Jesus Is

  1. great J word! Jesus is my favorite J word. :=) I’m visiting from the a-z challenge and I love finding other believers in the blogosphere! I’m going to follow you on facebook, or twitter, because I think women who love God and write about that once in a while can change the world! I want to stay in touch. Come visit me, if you’d like: http://adventuresintheballpark.blogspot.com. You can link to my facebook page or twitter from there. So nice to find you!

    • Hi Marianne. I’m sorry replying so late-from April A to Z Blog Challenge. I never saw this comment before right now 9-11-15. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog Jesus is. I believe these social avenues are a part of God’s plan to get the gospel into all of the world. Most of us don’t have the time or funds to travel the world but we can sit down at our computer, etc. and spread the gospel in every conceivable way He whispers in our ears. I’m going to visit you at your blog when I finish this. Blessings.

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