A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Jesus Is

Jesus is the reason for the seasons. I’m not talking about Christmas but every season I’ve been through and will go through in my life.

He’s the rock I can lean on when I need to be steadied. He comforts me when I’m in the midst of turmoil. A dependable friend right here when my earthly friends have scattered in various directions.

Jesus takes my hand and becomes my guiding light on the dark and dreary path of life. He’s my Intercessor that keeps me on his list making sure I get what I need and roadblocks appear to keep me going in the right direction.

I’m glad we met many years ago and there’s no comparison anywhere.

I’ll stick with him on the sure path he has me on.

A to Z 2015 Blog Challenge – Iron No More

Many moons ago

When I became of age

My Mother decided

The time had come for me

To pick up an iron

And teach me ironing 101

Mom tried and tried

She wore me and her out

Ironing wasn’t for me-no doubt

She started with the basics

A damp pillowcase

Her vision – every wrinkle gone

Not one in the lace

That didn’t happen

She was ready to pull out her hair

The results so pitiful

She could only laugh

The end had come almost

As quick as it began

She took away the iron

Pat me on the head

No more for you honey

This issue is dead