A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Fresh Flowers

This morning I stepped out of my front door to check the weather. I need to make sure I was dressed appropriately. The weather was wonderful and I was indeed dressed appropriately.

Iris from my yard

Iris from my yard

My eyes gazed upon beautiful flowers blooming in my front yard. The irises stood up from their resting place in a majestic manner. More buds than I’ve ever seen were waiting on their turn to bloom.

Iris buds ready to bloom

Iris buds ready to bloom.

I ran to get my camera to take photos of the beautiful Irises. I turned to go into the house and something caught my attention. There was something in a pot that was about to be thrown in the trash. I lifted the pot of dead flowers and found a pot of Hosta’s I thought were dead. Much to my surprise, they are very much alive.

Hosta in hiding

Hosta in hiding

Dead Hosta Resurrected

Dead Hosta Resurrected

4 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Challenge 2015 – Fresh Flowers

  1. I tried planting them in my garden but the sun bakes them. That’s how they got in a pot. I love them also. My daughter’s grew so big that they took over the sidewalk. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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