The Living and The Dead

The Living and The Dead

                                                                      The Living and The Dead

I went to the store for a few things-got more. When I got to the checkout I was surprised when I was asked if I wanted to purchase a bouquet of flowers for a donation of a dollar or more. I didn’t hear what the donation was for but I gave.

There were several kinds to choose from but many alike. My eyes fell upon a bouquet that only one bloom was open. A lot of unopened ones meant they would last longer than a day or two. Along with being beautiful, their fragrance filled the room.

When I got home today I looked at the flowers and they were at death’s door. Pulled them out of the vase to find they drank up all the water and were dying from thirst. Grabbed them up and made my way to the sink to replenish the water.

After a few moments life returned in all except one. It was the only one that entered death’s door. Sadness engulfed me at the thought of losing the whole bouquet. My joy was redeemed as death moved out of the way for the life that was revived.

Walls of Wonder

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

At this time most of what was on my walls is packed away because I’m preparing to move. When the walls are decorated you’d find a huge colorful picture of vases. I have artwork that I’ve created sprinkled throughout my home. My friend created me a banner of The Lion of Judah that is hanging in my library. My church gives us posters that I frame and hang. I have ten of the twelve tribes of Israel to be framed and hung in my new home.

I choose colorful hangings because I thrive on color. Black and white prints will be incorporated next time. I hang artwork I like to look at that make me happy and capture the attention of visitors. When they ask I can tell the story behind them.

I have a creative friend that sends me cards for my birthday and holidays that I will display in a shadowbox. The cards fill my heart with joy because they are beautiful and she thinks enough of me to send them to me although we live several thousands miles away now. To her I’m never forgotten.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Proud.”

My first thought about the writing prompt was no one has told me that in a long time. My second thought was yes that has happened several times in less than six months.

I have been told by several of my friends that they were proud of me for going to Europe alone to a country I’ve never been before not knowing anyone. On top of that I’m directionally challenged.

When my friends told me they were proud of me that made me feel good.

I haven’t told my children I am proud of them in a while, so I’m going to contact them and give them a little bit of encouragement.