Romance Me

Another year together has rolled around again

You asked me my desire, what did I want to do

I sat and thought a little while

Looked back over years past

Tears streamed down my cheeks

As I remembered what use to be

Sweet kisses that would send heat waves

Up and down my spine

Holding my hand to steady me as we walked along the path

Drawing me so close to you that were one

Singing our love song as we danced throughout the heavens

Streaming tears became a flood

Realizing those special moments are gone

My answer to you my dear

Romance me

The way you use to do

Put some time and thought into

Whatever it is you plan to do

All the money in the world can’t buy

My hearts desire

Romance me

Like never before

Come in and shut the door

To our secret place that has grown cold

Let’s reconnect and create fireworks of love

Romance me like never before