Love Your Neighbor

Love your neighbor as yourself

This is what the Good News tells us to do

Check your heart to see if you love you

If you find you can’t you have work to do

Get to know the Great I AM

That’s where love originates

When He touches your heart

A burning fire will start

It will never end

Only seems like it begins again every day

It’s too hot to hold

You have to give it away

Then you will learn how to love your neighbor




2 thoughts on “Love Your Neighbor

  1. All my life I had trouble liking myself…a few years ago I realized that Jesus told us to love ourselves….as we love our neighbor. That verse works both ways. I think I like me a little better these days. Love your poem…I write a little poetry myself.

    • Thanks again for visiting. I had trouble liking myself since I was a little child. I always looked at myself as lacking something. Jesus gave me a heart to love myself and I do. I look at my neighbor (no matter who they are) with Jesus’ eyes and heart and I’m able to love them the way He does. The one thing that will never change is He also died on the cross for them. Blessings and much love.

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