I am looking forward to the day when I build my dream home. I scour magazines gathering ideas. I look at Houzz app on my iPad and save pictures of rooms that might be candidates to be recreated in my home.


My plan is to hire an Architect and ask her if she can build me a home around a nine hundred square feet kitchen (like the TV commercial with a faucet).


Side Bar: I’m planning on hiring a female Architect because she will be able to relate to my requests and offer suggestions that will enhance my ideas.


Right now I’m picturing what I want in my head. I guess that is why it can be called a dream home at this point. I will do a rough sketch to give the architect an idea of my desires.


I want a kitchen with all the bells and whistles I can think of. My master suite has to be the cat’s meow from the bedroom, sitting area, bathroom to walk-in closet. Since I’m into music I need a music room big enough for my baby grand piano. A laundry room needs to be big enough that when I turn around I don’t meet myself.


The other three bedrooms and three baths can be average-a little bigger than the ones I have in my present home. Oh yes, I forgot one area. – the foyer. It has to be a great welcoming area to accept guest in grand style.


My dreams are not complete. It is a process. I will be dreaming until I put the last piece of furniture in place and the last flower and blade of grass is in the ground in the garden.



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