I have created a new definition for clutter. Clutter is an accumulation of things out-of-place and order that disrupts peace, tranquility and creativity.

Busyness has a way of taking life from a cool, calm and collected state. Organization goes out the door because your home turns into a hotel room. You sleep there, get up and go and return at the end of the day continuing to clutter.

Mail, papers and clothes become lost-they can’t find their homes. As a result of that piles of clutter appear all over the place. They grow and grow and grow some more. It makes you think the next step is a starring role on the hoarders’ show.

In order to not be the hoarders’ star, clutter has to be evicted. Before the eviction notice can be delivered the busy schedule needs to be revisited and reworked. Do all those things need to be done. Will they make you or break you? What are the top three things you want to do well? Pick them and eliminate everything else. Next step is devise a plan. Get help or do it yourself.

Clutter I want to speak to you. Your time is short in my home. You are a squatter and you have to go. So pack your bags and hit the door. You are evicted.

6 thoughts on “CLUTTER IN THE MIST

  1. Clutter! What a perfect post! Just as I’m thinking what my writing/craft room looks like. I’ve stacked & piled so much in there since Christmas I can’t even get to my desk or my work area, let alone find the sewing machine.
    That’s it. That’s my weekend project.

    • I know how you feel. I have a room that has never been organized. I keep putting stuff in there. I purchased a writing desk and it is starting to get clutter on it. We can get it done. Thanks for visiting my blog. Blessings.

  2. Emma,
    I love this! I ‘be been decluttering since the first of the year, one room at a time…and I love the order and peace each room invites. I agree: Clutter you have to go! Now If I can just talk myself into finding the will and the time to declutter my office, I will be one happy writer!
    Thanks for being my cheerleader.

    • Glenda,
      Good for you. Glad to be your cheerleader. We can complete the tasks at hand that will clear the air for our creativity to flow at a greater capacity. Blessings.

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    • Clutter creeps upon me because of my busy life. I never get to sit, go through and eliminate papers. I exist like I live in a hotel. This weekend is set aside to work on the clutter.

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