My Time With Him

Today I read a blog that was talking about reading and meditating on Scripture of the Bible. The blogger was describing what he does to practice the presence of God in his personal time. He said he rewrite Scripture to suit what God seems to be speaking into his life.

I started thinking about my personal time and what I do to make my time with The Lord awesome. I have cards I’ve gotten from ministries that have scripture verses and even whole chapters on them. Some resonate with my spirit and I use them as they are. Some I read different versions and write the one that speaks to me on 3×5 cards.

As I listen carefully I realize The Lord also creates prayers He wants me to pray. As He tells me the prayers I write them down and commit them to memory. There are times when I’m praying the prayers He changes them to some degree thus shifting my assignment for that day, week or however long He desires.

I love how The Lord has our steps ordered daily not one or two steps but all our steps. He has us on an exciting adventure. Sometimes that adventure is for us to just BE. That’s fine with me.



I like to eat great food. I also like to cook great food. Collecting recipes have been a passion of mine for years though I haven’t scratched the surface of trying all of them.

Writing a cookbook was something I contemplated but didn’t move forward to create one. The thought escaped meI until recently.

Reflecting on the way I cook I realized I make up recipes as I go. Most times I put my spin on recipes I follow. When I research recipes online I usually combine several and make it my own. The results have been positive most time.

My goal for the future is to write down my creations as I will tweak them. A cookbook will be written before I know it.

The other day I decided I wanted to make a frittata—a new experience for me. I researched recipes until I found the right one. I tweaked the recipe and cooked the frittata. I served myself a piece and it was delicious. The leftovers went in the fridge for the next day.

When I opened the refrigerator I saw the milk and realized I forgot to add the milk to the frittata. Much to my surprise, the missing milk didn’t affect the recipe. It tasted great the way it was. Now I have to make it again and include the milk.

When (if) you cook, do you follow the recipe or make it your own?