The LORD is Always with Me

Today I was reading Acts 2 when I got to verse 25. Peter was telling the crowd that gathered what King David prophesied about Jesus.

I see that the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.

I began looking in my past at the things that could have ended my life—an abusive husband and a boyfriend that tried to kill me by shooting me.

As I looked at the various incidents I could see that the LORD was always with me and delivered me from the destruction that was on my path. My Uncle who was a physician said I should have been dead from the shooting. But God!

I have to admit I was shaken and afraid. Even in my fear and trembling the LORD was right beside me. He is always with me today.

LORD I thank you that no matter what situation we find ourselves in you are right there with us.

Is there fear and trembling in your life? I’m here to tell you the LORD is always with you. Be encouraged.

In my last blog I wrote about a story I’m writing.

My friend, an accomplished author who knows the ins and outs of writing asked me to send the first five pages to her. Today I received her critique. She gave me a lot of great advise on how I can make a better story.

I’m excited because she didn’t say my story was a hopeless mess that needs to be trashed. She gave me hope.

Tomorrow I will devote my evening to making the corrections and continue enlarging the story. Even if this story goes nowhere I’m happy I’m doing something I was afraid to do. That fear is gone and I’m going full steam ahead until it is complete. Then I will start on the next one.

Is there a best seller coming. Stay tuned.

Winning at the Unknown

This week I crossed a milestone in my writing.

I’ve written five pages of a story. For some reason I thought I couldn’t write anything longer than three-fourths of a page–my blog or a poem.

I’ve been attending a writers group for over two years and now have my own group. I have two conferences and many workshops under my belt. Everyone was writing books except me. I didn’t believe I could write anything of that magnitude and surely couldn’t write fiction.

Another conference is coming up next month with a different platform. This year there will be workshops where accomplished writers help with your writing skills through something you’ve written.

That posed a problem for me. I had nothing–what would I do.

I was flipping through my tablet and came across something I’d written. It was notes that could become a story or even a book. With that in my hand I was still unsure if I could complete the task. I don’t recall writing the notes–it is my handwriting. I guess I did.

I spent a couple of weeks encouraging myself and writing tidbits The Lord was giving me.

This week became the week to do it. I sat at my dining table. I played a few games and checked my Facebook. Then I took a leap into a task that seemed bigger than life. After a few minutes I was on a roll. I wrote the five pages I needed. If it hadn’t been 1:30 am I would have written more pages.

I don’t know what an experienced writer will say about it but I’ve jumped a major hurdle and am pleased with myself. I will finish my story/book whether it’s publishable or not.

What task have you tackled that you never thought you could?

A Tribute to Mothers

I read a post of my friend remembering her relationship with her mother and encouraging mothers everywhere. I was moved when reading it because I could relate in my relationship with my mother whom I miss dearly.

With my friend’s permission I am reposting her piece.

A mother is so different than a father…at least mine were. She is the nurturer…the one you turned to when you had wounds, both physical and emotional. She fussed over you and made sure you learned manners. She took time to read to you and hear your prayers. She sacrificed her own needs for yours. No matter what you did wrong, she still loved you…even if she had to correct you. Her love was a constant. Most importantly, she prayed for you. I’ve said this before and still believe it…a mothers prayers are never ending…they are eternal. As a mother prays, she touches the Mother Heart of God because He instilled His Heart of love in each woman. When He is touched by her prayers, an eternal shift takes place in our lives. I’m thankful for the God given mother I had and grateful even more for her prayers. She has been in heaven for 20 years but she lives on in my heart and memories. She developed within me a strong sense of commitment, honor, and a fortitude to complete what I begin. I am grateful for my mom!I honor all mothers on this day…especially those whose children are already in heaven. The saddest thing I see happening on this day is people don’t see children in your life and prejudge that you are not a mother. All women carry the mother heart of God in their DNA…all influence the life or lives of others…thus all women are mothers. I was blessed to influence the lives of over 5000 children in my 30 years of teaching. Some even called me mom.Please do not ask a woman on mothers day if they have children so you can determine if you say happy mothers day to them…just bless them with that wish. Even if they don’t have their own, they are influencing someone like a mother! The greatest gift I’ve received after my mom’s passing is other women becoming moms in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies!

Bedie Post