When I got to the bowling alley tonight I found that we were tied again with several other teams.

This is the third week we’ve been tied. The first week we were tied for first place with two teams. We won the first game. The second and third games we handed the over to the opposing team who happened to be the number one team. We fell apart. I guess we were intimidated or something.

The second week we were vying for fourth place. Again we were tied with two teams. We won two games plus total points. Our last game we had 1001 pins. We were in shock and amazed. We loved it-never happened to us before.

This week we were tied with two teams for ninth place. We lost the first game. We won the second and third game plus total pins.

We are not the best team but a miracle is keeping us going. There are twenty teams and we have been in most of the positions. Up and down, back and forth.

Who knows, we might just be number one when the league is over.

Train Whistles

Trains whistle blowing

Where is the train

Can this whistle I hear

Only in my head?

Maybe it is

Maybe it’s not

With every push

On the muscle tight

Trains whistle blows.

Muscles fighting

Every touch

No more pain

What is there to gain?

Release of tension

That is caused by strife

Relaxation that is needed

To get on with life.