Marriage-Is It My Turn Yet

There are a lot of people all ages that are single and desiring to be married. It’s not only women but men also. Some have never been married. Others have been divorced or widowed. No matter the reason many are without mates but desire marriage.

As I observe and listen to people I wonder what are they doing to prepare for the mate they are believing God for.

Esther was prepared for many months to go before the King she didn’t know to possibly become his wife. She didn’t know whether or not she was going to be the chosen one. If she didn’t please him she would spend the rest of her life in a concubine.

Fortunately we don’t have to be concerned about being imprisoned in a concubine but we do need to prepare ourselves for the marriage we have been crying out to God for.

When we petition God we give Him a laundry list of what we want in a mate. We should also have a list of what we have to bring to the marriage. If we are honest with ourselves we should also make a list of things we don’t want to impose on our future spouses and we need to work on them.

We tend to get into relationships with people who are fillers until the right one comes along. So you rather waste your time with the filler than preparing yourself for the real one. The filler is blocking whether they know it or not. You look like you are in a relationship. How is that going to get the right one to you?

Prepare to be the best husband or wife you can be. Don’t let anyone run interference whether knowing or not knowing causing you to be preoccupied and miss who you have been praying for.

What are you doing to prepare for the mate you have been praying for?

4 thoughts on “Marriage-Is It My Turn Yet

  1. Hello Emma, thank you for liking my post ( Best version of ourselves.) Blessings and greetings.jalal

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